Money Music Monday: Pet Shop Boys – Opportunities

Money Music Monday

Money Music Monday is here yet again & this time it’s the turn of the Pet Shop Boys!

As a child, I never imagined that I’d grow up to say anything like that. Yet here I am.

Opportunities are limitless, it’s for us to capture them. The More successful we are, the more opportunities come our way.

The more we help others, the more likely we are to be helped.

I’m sure of this; The road to regret is littered with discarded and spurned opportunities.


Side Hustle Summary – February 18

side hustle

February is the month of love in my book. There’s valentines day but more importantly, there’s also pancake day!

I love pancakes like I love the hustle.

Time to look at the side-hustling that took place in February.

Side Hustle Summary – February 18



Side job


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**


Cashback (Quidco & Halifax reward card)




(*Paid in Amazon vouchers, **paid in Google Play store credit)

Grand total = £496.74

This is a big drop from January’s result of £1034.61. A decrease of over 50%!

In my Wealth Building & Passive Income update for February, I mentioned how the decreased side hustle income meant a decrease in the amount spent on buying assets I could buy in February.

This obviously isn’t ideal, but I’m happy to be prudent and patient. Instead of buying assets with money I don’t have. Income from the side job is not set at a certain amount so I am ready for the fluctuations.

I’ll be back next month with some sales in the bag.

Be sure to let me know of any other ways I can side-hustle my way to extra income in the comments below.

Until next time, Happy Hustling!


Wealth Building & Income Update – February 2018


Welcome back to another Wealth Building & Income Update!

Did you know that in the Southern Hemisphere, February is a summer month equivalent of August? Just saying.

Let’s look at that gorgeous passive income.

Passive income for February 







Property Partner


Rate Setter


Wise Alpha


Grand Total


Dividends came in from Apple (£2.28), BT (£17.95) & Daily Mail General Trust (£2.53). I’m not a Daily Mail reader, I just like the stock.

Last February, I made £12.25. A sweet increase.

A note of interest, Apple paid £1.92 in the same period last year. The jump to £2.53 is because I got my withholding tax reduced to 15% from 30% by completing a W-8BEN form. Get on it if you have American dividend payers!

The Patient Portfolio

I decided that my portfolio needed a name to help bring it to life and give it character.

From here on, it will be known as The Patient Portfolio. Firstly, because alliteration just works and secondly because patience is central to my thinking.

The plan is long-term & the grind is constant.

The Patient Portfolio



P2P Lending

Property Partner

Private equity


Wise Alpha


MoM increase

Asset purchases

Saved in month




























































































What should stand out is the lack of investment in February. Don’t worry, I didn’t gamble all my money away or anything like that. I’m sitting on some for investments down the line & my side hustle income declined in February so I focused on research instead of buying.

Research and reading is often the best investment anyway.

The above helps to explain the relatively small MoM increase. The much-hyped stock sell-off was also unhelpful as it made my stock value shrink.

These things happen, though. I’m not stressing.

To wrap up, let’s see the visual for February:

Patient PortfolioThanks for passing by, let me know any stocks that I should be looking at for the rest of the year ⬇

Jay-Z – Legacy

Monday is here. Money Music Monday is everywhere!

Welcome back, I hope the weekend was productive for you.

My tweet below explain this weeks choice:

money music monday

Yes. According to Forbes, Jay-Z is now worth a cool $900m. Hip-hops race to a billion is at boiling point.

jay z diddy

“My first picture was a line-up, now I’m on the Forbes” -Jay-Z

Interestingly, a lot of money bloggers talk about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) but don’t mention the next generation or their legacy.

What will happen to all the money once you’re gone? Maybe something to think about.


Jay-Z – Legacy

The Elite Power Of Dividend Investing (infographic)

Dividends have the power to make your portfolio great in the long run.


Just keep reinvesting and you will eventually feel the difference.


There are many of wise dividend bloggers out there; Dividend Daze, Dividend Investor, Dividend Geek, All About The Dividends to name a few!


The all have the same idea; build a passive income machine that earns all through the year, every year.

The only stocks in my portfolio that don’t pay dividends are Alphabet, Berkshire Hathaway, Facebook, Micron, Sirius Minerals & Twitter. The other 20 stocks of mine all contribute to my passive income.


The below infographic goes along to in explaining why dividends are important to serious investors. Let me know your favourite dividend stock in the comment section!


The Power OF Dividends

Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist

Saba – Monday to Monday

This is not Monday, this is Money Music Monday.


“I hustle like my name was Gary V
For more than the wealth and prosperity”

Monday to Monday is about having the work ethic & drive to win in every week of the year. Winning Monday makes it easier to win the rest of the week, why not start today?


Saba – Monday to Monday

The video may be restricted so an alternative is here.



Private Equity Opportunities I’m Looking At!

private equity

Hello intelligent reader, I appreciate you being here.

There are 2 crowdfunding opportunities that have caught my eye that I want to shine a light on. These are Appetise on Crowdcube and Investly on Seedrs.



Appetise is an online takeaway marketplace which is trying to compete with the dominating force in the industry, Just-Eat.

It’s an interesting pitch. The company is owned by asset management firm, Bergen Asset Management & has been in operation since 2008 (so sadly no EIS).

There are a few key advantages that Appetise has over FTSE100 company, Just-Eat:

  • no fee for customers when ordering
  • smaller commission charge than Just-Eat for restaurants
  • no joining fee restaurants
  • hygiene ratings for all restaurants
  • loyalty point scheme for customer

As you can see, the main advantage of Appetise for restaurant partners and customers is that Appetise charges less than Just-Eat.

The plan is to set up a competitive presence in Birmingham & then spread across the country city by city. I’m also impressed by the strong management team they have in place.



Investly offers a marketplace for invoice financing. Companies awaiting payment via invoice can sell these invoices for quick cash. Investors (invoice financiers) enjoy an annualised average return above 10% & relatively quick returns. 

EIS is available for UK investors for this investment.

Heres what has me bullish on Investly:

  • operations in the UK & Estonia (diversified risk)
  • Impressive growth in 2017
  • strong advisory board
  • strategic partnerships with Telema e-invoicing platform & KredEx (owned by the Estonian government)
  • strong position to benefit from Open Banking
  • no fee charged to investors

Investment worthiness?

Both companies excite me. There’s great potential there but the risk is extremely high too.

I’ve decided to invest a small amount into Appetise. This business could really take off with the right marketing. Low capital expenditure will help the management team focus on increasing the customer base & restaurant partners.

Having said that, Appetise is a long way from its 500k target with 11 days left of the campaign so this could be for nothing! Hopefully, some big spenders come through last-minute.

I’m now a fan Investly, they have a service that could benefit me as an investor & potentially be of use to the company that I work for. Before I invest, I’ll need to find out more about the invoice financing sector as I am not too familiar.

Investly will be pitching at a Seedrs event I’m attending this week. I’ll have a chance to ask them any questions directly then!

Both online pitches will be below for you to check out. let me know your thoughts on these opportunities & remember this is not investment advise! Please check the site disclaimer.

Appetise investment pitch

Investly investment pitch



Side Hustle Summary – January 18

side hustle

What’s longer; the January we just had or the previous century, it’s a tough question, right?

The start of the year provided plenty opportunity to add to my income. Let’s see where the money came in from.

Side Hustle Summary for January 18



Side job


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**


Cashback (Quidco & Halifax reward card)








Another result above 1k! Although slightly down on Decembers result.

There’s a bit of luck involved here as there was plenty of work available in the side job which isn’t always the case. Cant complain, just have to take the smooth with the rough.

It was a good month for the Job Spotter app, £10.67 is pretty good for simply taking a few pictures. I’ll admit, it’s a bit awkward when people are looking at me as I take pictures of the ‘help wanted poster’ & the company signage. But it’s literally just a few seconds & I’m gone!

I had 2 car park audits for Task360 which took a few minutes to complete. Easy money for sure.

No sales this month! I kept it in there as seeing the £0.00 figure will motivate me to get selling. There’s nothing stopping me, right?

So there’s January in the bag, a strong start to the year. Did you do any hustling this January? Let me know how it went below!

Until next time, Happy Hustling!