Article Of The Week 2: Dividend Daze

Week 2 of Article Of The Week. I hope everyone checked out the debut article, last week.

This week, Dividend Update – August 2017 by Dividend Daze.

No mystery here, I’m sure you’ve figured out what this article is about!

What I liked most

Dividend Daze beat his own record with 7 different companies paying him in August. Quite the achievement and the future should only get brighter.

There’s also some insightful graphs that help to make sense of the progression.


I love mixing it up with dividend investors on Twitter, they seem to have the most focus and a strong commitment to the long term.

Though, strictly speaking I wouldn’t class myself as a Dividend Investor, 25 of the 29 stocks I hold are dividend payers and I rely heavily on dividends for the majority of my passive income.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as me. Dividend Daze does these monthly so it’s a gift that keeps on giving (like dividends!).

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Article of the week: Dividend report

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2 Replies to “Article Of The Week 2: Dividend Daze”

  1. Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate the shout out. Just takes time to build up a nice dividend portfolio. Then the compounding will do the rest in the long term. We are both working diligently to achieve our goals. Best of luck moving forward!

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