Money Song For Children


How about 1 for the kiddies?

This week, Money Music Monday brings a tune for all ages to enjoy.

This simple song has an even simpler message: save money now no matter how old you are.

Then once your saving, think carefully about how you can put it to good use.

Make sure the little ones see this.


HeavyTrackerz – Odyssy Intro (ft Noel Clarke & P Money)

OK, so little break from YouTube for this weeks Money Music Monday.

On Wednesday, I was at The HeavyTrackerz album release party in London, it was a good vibe.

Now its one thing to be musically talented, a lot of people are. But it is another thing to be talented, successful and release an album independently!

Getting to the song, It’s all about following your dreams, building your platform and creating your own opportunities.

Exactly what The HeavyTrackerz are doing. Something I’m trying to do.

Grab the song on  itunes and Google play. Heres the link for everything else: