Only Fools & Horses Theme

It’s Monday & there’s more money to make which means it’s another Money Music Monday!

Everyone should be familiar with Only Fools and Horses. It’s considered to be one of the greatest Uk sitcoms of all time. And for good reason.

Though most episodes aired in the 80s, I’m most familiar with the classic trilogy from 1996.

only fools and horses

So, why the theme from Only Fools and Horses? Well for one these guys were natural hustlers. Delving deeper, the shows name actually refers back to a old school slang phrase.

Only fools and horses work

In other words, working is for chumps & money should be made without effort.

HELLO, passive income!? this is why I am building a portfolio of income-producing assets. One day, I plan to live off this passive income.



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