Mr McMahon – No Chance In Hell

Welcome back to Money Music Monday. The feature designed to provide motivation to make more money via music!

There was big news in the world of sport as Vince McMahon announced the return of the XFL. For those unfamiliar, the XFL originally launched in 2001 to compete with the NFL but fell apart after just 1 season.

It was seen as a mega-flopĀ and complete waste of money. Despite all that, Vince is back with the XFL again some 17 years later!

It takes some guts, right? to take such a big risk and leave his comfort zone. With the wrestling world conquered, he could stay there and rule from his throne like the wrestling king that he is. Instead, he chooses to take a huge risk and revisit a failure.

Luckily, he ignores the lyrics of his theme tune & you should too. When you’re told you have ‘NO CHANCE IN HELL!’ at achieving something, know that those are just words. Positive action can easily defeat negative words.



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