PayPal – The Original Online Payment System Success


Recently, I wrote about the growth of Bitcoin and my experiences so far with the crypto-currency.

Bitcoin continues to dazzle and excite but I think it’s worth taking time out to honour an online payment system that is useful and widely used for that purpose.

PayPal (now trading for $72.72 per share on the NASDAQ exchange), has had a massive impact on the way people pay for things on the internet.

Personally, I really like the pay after delivery service as well as the PayPal credit service as they are both super helpful with managing outgoing payments.

However, I long for the day that I will be able to use PayPal on Amazon!

The infographic below outlines the PayPal story from humble beginnings to a multi-billion dollar company.

It’s amazing to see the successful ventures started by former PayPal employees, maybe there’s something in the water over at PayPal HQ?

Check out the infographic below…

The History of PayPal


Infographic source:

FREE Due Dilligence Guide For Equity Crowdfunding Investors

equity crowdfunding

Equity crowdfunding is an exciting and growing space right now, but what is it?

Equity crowdfunding is the process of many individuals buying shares in private, early-stage companies.

The individuals get a small percentage of the company in the hope that the company grows into a bigger company, and the company gets a cash injection to help them grow. win/win.

Here in the UK, the main players that I’m aware who facilitate equity crowdfunding deals are Seedrs, Crowdcube, Syndicate room and Angel list.

I’ve used Seedrs and Crowdcube and I have no complaints so far (reviews coming oh so soon).

equity crowdfunding

One of the most important parts of successfully investing in early-stage companies is carrying out thorough Due Diligence. Otherwise, it’s a straight gamble.

Rob Murray Brown has us covered in the due diligence department. He’s teamed up with Syndicate room to offer a comprehensive report on due diligence for equity crowdfunding investors.

And it can be yours for just £29.99 if you click my affiliate link below!

Just kidding, the report is completely free (to download the PDF version you just give them your email address).

Free report


I’m sure you will find the guide useful. Rob Murray Brown also has an insightful (and brutal) blog on equity crowdfunding which is also worth checking out!

Have you had any note-worthy experiences with equity crowdfunding? let me know below!

Side Hustle Summary – October 17

side hustle summary

Welcome back to another Side Hustle Summary!

October was a relatively slow month for the hustle given that I was away for 2 weeks.

Yet still, some decent cash was earned. Let’s have a quick look

Side Hustle Summary for October 2017



Casual catering job


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**


Cashback (Quidco & Halifax reward card)






(*Paid in Amazon vouchers, **Paid in Google Play store credit)

Grand Total: £437.80

So this month was a lot less than September but still a decent result.

I managed to break ground in 2 ways; first, I used the Job Spotter app in Miami to earn abroad for the first time! As you can see, it was a tiny amount but I still feel like an élite globalist.

Secondly, I earned for the first time on Task360! this app is all about data collection. I was paid to audit two signs which took 5 minutes a piece. Everything went smoothly and the money reached my account in good time. Sadly, there doesn’t seem to be many tasks in my area so repeat income won’t be easy but we shall see.

That’s it for this instalment. Hit me up with ideas to make more money in the comment section below!

Until next time, happy hustling!



Warren Buffett’s First TV Appearance!

warren buffett

Legendary investor, Warren Buffett, began his investing career waaaaaay back in the 1950’s.

However, this is likely to be his first ever TV appearance.

In the clip, we are gifted with his classic rules 1 and 2 of investment which have clearly worked for Buffett through the years.

Adam Smith, the author of Supermoney, plays interviewer and talks with John Templeton (RIP) and Robert Wilson (RIP) too.

If you can find an older clip of Warren Buffett on TV then I want to see it!

(Video first seen on


Bitcoin Explained Simply.


Bitcoin is the whirlwind that continues to whirl. I first jumped into bitcoin (head first, eyes closed) back in June. Since then, I’ve learned loads and enjoyed tasty gains.

I want to do 4 things here

i. Briefly, explain what bitcoin is
ii. Attempt to explain what gives bitcoin value
iii. Look at my experience with bitcoin so far
iv. Share my top tips for bitcoin investment

Shall we begin?


i. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer, decentralized digital currency.

Let’s unpackage that a little:

Peer to peer (P2P) = user to user, direct connection via the internet

Decentralized = no central authority

Digital = not physical, stored and transferred electronically

Currency = money

The term, bitcoin, refers to both the payment system (or payment network) and the currency units which are bought, sold and mined. The bitcoin currency is only usable on the bitcoin network and the bitcoin network only uses bitcoin.

To distinguish between the payment system and the crypto-currency, Bitcoin will represent the payment system and BTC will represent the crypto-currency.

The Bitcoin network is otherwise known as the blockchain.

Understand the Blockchain in Two Minutes



ii. One thing that’s well-known about BTC is its amazing price growth.

Between September 2010 and September 2017, BTC has risen on average, by 25% a month! at the time of writing, the market cap of BTC (total value of all BTC’s) is around £90,500,000,000. I’m not entirely sure, but I think that says ninety billion, five hundred million pounds?

Crazy, that’s bigger than the value of companies like Paypal, Tesla and Netflix!

So, bitcoin is clearly huge at the moment but many people struggle with the idea of the currency having value in the first place. After all, it’s not tangible, it isn’t backed by any central authority and a lot of BTC’s aren’t put to active use. Instead, they are held as an investment or traded for a profit.


What gives bitcoin (BTC) value?


1) Access to the bitcoin network

Bitcoin allows for easy, frictionless payments across the globe, in a way that is nearly anonymous and generally cheap (or free).

You do not need a bank account and there are no pre-requirements for use, aside from maybe an internet connection. Bitcoin is also permissionless and trustless unlike more traditional forms of payment.

In addition, bitcoin solves the double-spend problem.

Without BTC, you cannot make use of bitcoin (the payment network/system). As bitcoin becomes more useful to more people, it follows that the price of BTC’s increases.

2) BTC is money (medium of exchange, unit of account & a store of value)

BTC’s have the 3 functions (in brackets above) that make money what it is. Although, it is a questionable store of value; it is extremely volatile compared to the Pound and other similar currencies. On the other hand, recently, BTC have seen amazing increases in price which could see it become an effective store of value if the trend continues.

3) Characteristics of money (portable, divisible, fungible, durable, and scarce)

Similarly, BTC’s have the key characteristics which make money desirable and work well. They can be easily moved to where you want them, especially across borders (portable). 1 BTC can be broken down into 100,000,000 units (divisible). All BTC’s are identical and counterfeits are not feasible (fungible). BTC exist permanently in the public ledger (durable) unless you put them into cold storage. The supply of BTC is capped at 21 million (scarce).

4) Profits through mining

Away from considering BTC behaving as money, there is money to be made from mining BTC. Mining BTC is an increasingly costly process. As more BTC are mined and more miners join the mining pool, the more difficult it becomes to profit from the mining process. Therefore, the cost, time and effort required to create new BTC via mining, contribute to the value of BTC.

5) Access to censored goods and services

As BTC is unregulated, it is far easier to buy products and services the Government may not like with BTC than with pounds and dollars. In addition, once you have your private keys for BTC, the government (or anyone else) is unable to access them.

6) Novelty

Let’s not hide from this 1, BTC have huge novelty value. I.T. enthusiasts, Libertarians, cryptographers, Fin-tech lovers, and many others, grab BTC for their own reasons but the fact is that BTC’s are a collectable part of world-changing technology. It’s only right that people want to be part of it.

7) The Market

Hey buddy, if the market says BTC have value than who are we to argue? if there is a limited supply and a growing demand then it’s natural that the price will go up. The people want BTC!


iii. Above is what I’ve learned on the way. below is the journey so far.

It’s table time!



Value (£)

Fee (£)

btc bought

Price of btc

09 June 2017

Bought btc





09 June 2017

Received btc (referral promo)





12 June 2017

Bought btc





15 June 2017

Received btc (payment from a friend)





15 June 2017

Bought btc





11 September 2017

Bought btc





15 September 2017

Bought btc





21 November 2017

Received btc










I started buying BTC as a speculative investment, within 5 months the price has more than doubled. What a delight.

3 transactions may stand out to you

I received 0.003556btc on 9th June by using a referral code to join Coinbase. Free money is always the most pleasing.

On the 15th June, a friend sent me a BTC payment for money owed. Within the first few days of owning BTC, the payment system had already become useful!

On 21st November I received more free BTC as a friend used my referral code to buy BTC on Coinbase.

So far, the return on investment has been unimaginable but I’m under no illusions; the price may tumble at any time.


iv. Yes, I’ve only got started with Bitcoin in June and yes, I’m the furthest thing from an expert. nonetheless, here are my top tips!

  • Focus on other less risky investments with a longer track record of success
  • Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose
  • Diversify into other cryptocurrencies to spread the risk
  • Be patient
  • BTFD (see dips in the price as buying opportunities)
  • Have fun & learn as much as you can

I hope this has been useful. Do hit me up with any questions or corrections. If your interested in getting started with Bitcoin then feel free to click my referral link below: