Prepare For Fee Free Trading With Freetrade…

…was everyone able to easily read the title? it’s not meant to be a tongue twister but I can edit it if it’s too much of a struggle.

In any case, I want to take some time out to look at Freetrade, a mobile-only stock trading app that allows users to trade for free, no fees & no commission! the rollout begins late this year.

I invested in Freetrade via Crowdcube where they smashed their funding target and raised 360% of the expected amount earlier this year.

The crowd-raise went so well that they are becoming directly authorised stockbrokers which will see additional benefits.

Check out some of the features below:

It should come as no surprise that Freetrade is in the top ten biggest crowd raises this year. Its super-cool to talk about disruption right now but Freetrade are actually ‘about that life’.

The above features speak for themselves but the most important selling point is the free trades.

Right now, the standard cost per trade I pay is £12.50. If I wanted to buy £200 worth of HSBC shares, the fee would be worth 6.25% of the investment. Too high.

There are cheaper options out there but what beats f r e e ?

I am also excited by the possibilities created by fractional shares on the platform. Some companies like Tesla and Amazon are lovely to own but so damn expensive! Freetrade means I will be able to afford to add them to my portfolio.

One point that might be more important than my portfolio gains, is getting more people involved in the stock market who were previously scared off by high fees or perceived complexity.

I know people who will argue for hours about who makes the best smartphones but won’t touch the stock market to buy into Apple or Samsung, for example. Soon they could be buying shares on those same smartphones.

I have high hopes for Freetrade and I’m sure that a lot of expensive stockbrokers are worried right now.

If you missed the previous funding round, unlucky… but you can still register your interest for potential future rounds by checking out Freetrade’s pitch on Crowdcube. Whilst you’re at it, do me a favor and register for early access to the app. There’s no financial incentive but I do get bumped up the queue by referring others (you can too by registering and sharing your own link).

Want a final way to get involved? apply for one of their current vacancies, just get me to the front of the queue once you’re hired 🙂


HeavyTrackerz – Odyssy Intro (ft Noel Clarke & P Money)

OK, so little break from YouTube for this weeks Money Music Monday.

On Wednesday, I was at The HeavyTrackerz album release party in London, it was a good vibe.

Now its one thing to be musically talented, a lot of people are. But it is another thing to be talented, successful and release an album independently!

Getting to the song, It’s all about following your dreams, building your platform and creating your own opportunities.

Exactly what The HeavyTrackerz are doing. Something I’m trying to do.

Grab the song on  itunes and Google play. Heres the link for everything else:


3 Micro Side Hustles To Try!

Update: following a great question from commenter, in10jaarfinancieelvrij(check out their blog), I have renamed this article to include the word “Micro”. This is because they offer a decent return for a small amount of time. For a good return (£50+ a month) it would require a lot more effort and spending, probably too much. I have a post on my side hustles for August coming soon so keep an eye out!

Money is everywhere and opportunities are endless. You already knew this though, right?

Today, lets have a look at 3 platforms that have been very kind to me.

Meet Quidco.

Quidco has been good to me year in, year out, as you can see.

Quidco is a cashback website in the main but also offers paid surveys. There are other sites (TopCashback is available in USA, unlike Quidco) that do the same thing as Quidco but I have stayed loyal for the sake of simplicity.

As veteran for over a decade, I know Quidco very well. Here are my top tips:

– Don’t be tempted to buy things you don’t need just to get cashback
– Always check Quidco first when making a purchase online (download the browser extension)
– Quidco is most effective with expensive buys like holidays or contracted  buys such as an internet provider.
– Keep your purchase confirmation emails organised in case you have to refer to them for a claim.
– Check out the in-store cashback features for cashback offline!
– There is a free option and a premium option (£5 per year), decide which is best for you.

Referral Link –

Now, meet Job Spotter from

I’ve just started using this app this month and look what I’ve made already!

Its really simple, find a ‘Help Wanted’ poster advertised at the business location and upload a picture of the poster and the store front to the app.

Have a look at an example of my work from the Indeed website

Super blurry eh? I know. The point is though, Im being paid to help people find work. It feels great!

As great as it feels, there are two issues to consider. Firstly payment is made in Amazon vouchers and not cash. Second, I’m not sure how regular this income will be as I have already exhausted most of the shops near my work and home. Time will have to tell.

Finally, meet Google Opinion Rewards.

This app pays for doing surveys in Google play credit. Again, cash would be better but the surveys are short and I was able to download Rich Dads Cashflow board game for free. The surveys tend to be short so it doesn’t eat up too much time.

What do you make of these side hustles? have a side hustle I should be checking out? let me know!


Financial Goals On The Road To Glory

So, I’m a complete noob. I cracked on with my blog without outlining the key financial goals. At least I was assertive enough to start, eh?

I wrote the wrong, now I will right the wrong.

Setting financial goals are vital because they provide purpose and meaning to the overall process. Goal setting also means accountability.

With that said, here are my financial goals. The plan is to revisit these on a quarterly basis.

Shorter term:

a) Retrieve 1.4k owed to me

£600 is owed to me from a friend who had an emergency. It was loosely agreed to be paid back by December but I am allowing for January. £800 is owed to myself. No, this hasn’t suddenly become a time travel blog, I have taken cumulatively taken £800 from a savings account (paying interest of 0.25%) for various reasons and I refuse to let it go. I will pay myself back if it’s the last thing I do!

Plan: i) stay in contact with debtor to ensure January payment. ii) set up automated payment from current account to saving account (with an interest rate better than 0.25%!). How does £40 a month sound?

b) Pay off short term debt asap

Right now, I owe around £185 on my credit card and PayPal credit. You’ll be happy to know this is all interest free due to promotions. I am open to further borrowing but only if for investing or “Stoozing” purposes.

Plan: pay off all debt by the end of September.

c) Open a low-cost fund (or 2) on Vanguard

It’s very rare for an investor to regularly beat the market. That’s why I want to get involved with ETF’s and index funds on Vanguard where the fees are very low.

Plan: research the best funds available and save towards a February start.

d) Live within means every month

If you read my Wealth Building Update for July, you’ll know that I missed out on an easy £3 for no good reason. This is unacceptable. Moving forward I need to manage my money better so that I am not sweating by the end of the month.

Plan: i) monitor monthly investment spend. ii) build up reserve in recently ordered Monzo account. iii) research budgeting & frugality techniques across network and analyse spending habits (maybe I should start using Money Dashboard again?).

e) Beat last year’s dividend total of £210.84.

So far, this year, £134.51 of dividends has come in. There are at least 7 dividend payments coming in between August and October so I am confident that I can make up the £76.33 before year end.

Plan: not much I can do now so late in the year. Since January, I have entered or increased positions in 5 dividend companies. Need to start thinking about stock to buy to increase next year’s total.

f) Keep up the good work because…

…there’s so much more to do!

Plan: continue to invest monthly and save at least £300 a month. Continue to reinvest all incomes from investing to accelerate returns. Continue to source new revenue streams (Assetz Capital… You’re Next!). Continue to build a platform and develop skills by blogging. Continue to be offensive with side hustles.

Longer term:

g) Buy a property

Although I own (portions of) many properties on Property Partner already. I still believe in owning a property directly (as part of a well-diversified portfolio).

Plan: i) carry on saving into Help to Buy ISA. ii) increase knowledge of market by researching and networking. iii) shortlist potential candidates who may be interested in buying together.

h) FIRE!

Financial Independence, Retire Early.

The promised land. All expenses covered without needing to work. Stop work once I’m 50 (around 20 years from now). I’m visualising this as I type. Ahhh.

Plan: a, b, c, d, e, f, g and so much more!

Have any tips to help me achieve the above goals? How are your goals going so far, this year? I would really like to know!⬇

Score The Goals With A Side Job

Football has got me excited! Who is going to win the league this season?

Earlier this week, I wrote about the success of Arsenal Fan TV. To continue the trend, let’s look at some of the side jobs available around the sport of Football.

Side jobs are an easy way to add to your wealth and use your time more productively. If you’re like me, then your idle time often leads to unnecessary spending to side-step boredom. Time is a hyper-important asset, nothing wrong with using it to get paid.

The new football season isn’t the only reason to look at side jobs in football, The casual nature of the work which allows great flexibility around other obligations. Thirdly, this is an area I have been working in for 10+ years now so I should know something or two.

Take a look at all these jobs

Hold on, what is a Divitor!?

Anyway, as you can see there are so many different side jobs that football stadiums offer (bear in mind this is just an example from 1 club).

Obviously, you’ll want to pick a side job that interests you. But for me, the top two choices are clear; stewarding or catering. Stewarding can develop your discipline, communication and pressure handling while catering can develop your customer service, food safety awareness and problem-solving capabilities.

If you want more information on how to get involved then I’m happy to help. Either email me ( or message me  on Twitter.

Moving forward, I will start a monthly Side Hustle Report where I share all the income I bring in away from investments and the 9 to 5. Stay tuned for that.

Do you have a great side job experience? the comment section is waiting for you

Arsenal Fan TV Is Proof It Pays To Follow Your Passion

With the new football season approaching what better time to look at the beautiful game in a ‘woke not broke’ way.

A lot is said about Arsenal Fan TV. A lot of funny memes and edited videos are shared too. As an Arsenal fan, this can be a pain.

But let’s really look at Arsenal Fan TV, the fan channel that transformed into the ultimate passion business.

First, number crunching. 852k likes and follows on Facebook, 188k followers on Twitter, 350k on IG, 484k followers on YouTube and many videos with 1m+ views. Rock solid numbers, right?

Before founding AFTV, friendly banter expert Robbie Lyle was just a dude who wanted to give the fans a voice to be heard.

This quote sums it up

“When we started off we borrowed a camera, borrowed microphones, borrowed everything – our original camera wasn’t even digital, it was a tape camera.

I’d never filmed a video, I didn’t know how to upload a video to YouTube, I didn’t know anything.

I’m a lifelong Arsenal fan and I used to find that the fans never had a voice – there was never really a platform or a place that fans could have their say.”

This is a passion business through and through. It started as a hobby then became a respected platform and is now effectively a growing start-up!

Ryan Holiday does a great job talking up the importance of building a platform in an article available somewhere on the internet.

I can think of at least 4 income streams for AFTV: AdSense on YouTube, Brand partnership/sponsorship, affiliate marketing/referrals programs and an online shop.

He used to pay thousands to follow his team. Now pursuing his passion pays for itself and has allowed him to quit his day job. Hat’s off.

Football media in the UK has been disrupted and it’s great for fans and future disruptors.

AFTV wonderfully supplies the route to follow for budding entrepreneur types. Follow your passions, identify a space in the market, execute for free until you can get paid for it.

Not bold enough for entrepreneurship? Don’t be embarrassed. Follow your passions, research relevant successful businesses with potential for long term returns and execute purchases in suitable businesses.

Know of an example of a passion business doing well? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter so I can check them out.


Watching The Money: Top 10 Greatest Business Movies

Top ten lists tend to be terrific to read or watch.

Here’s another you may like. gives us 10 of the best business movies for inspiration and viewing pleasure.

1st place probably won’t be a surprise to some but there will be some you may not know about.

Are there any movie gems that are not on the list? let me know in the comments below as a matter of urgency!