Money Music Monday: Nipsey Hussle – Grinding All My Life / Stucc In The Grind

Honestly, I love the grind. It might be a fault but too much idle time isn’t good for me.

I want to be productive whilst passive income works for me. Hence, I blog.

For this week’s Money Music Monday, Nipsey Hussle provides 2 songs dedicated to the grind. Is anyone else enjoying his new album?

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Side Hustle Summary – January 18

side hustle summary

What’s longer; the January we just had or the previous century, it’s a tough question, right?

The start of the year provided plenty opportunity to add to my income. Let’s see where the money came in from.

Side Hustle Summary for January 18



Side job


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**


Cashback (Quidco & Halifax reward card)








Another result above 1k! Although slightly down on Decembers result.

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The Business Of Cannabis (Infographic)


Call it what you want, the green leafs prominence is spreading rapidly as legalisation spread across the US.

It’s now a huge business which has amazing growth potential. There are 2 main use cases; medicinal & getting high AF.

The industry is really hard to ignore, there are now ETF’s (HMMJ), dedicated cryptocurrencies (PotCoin is an example), and Snoop Dogg is even a partner in an associated venture capital firm.

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