Article Of The Week 4: Financial Thing

We made it through another week which means another epic article to share!

This week, Laurence of discusses the cost of fees and how they affect your overall return.

If you’re not careful, fund and/or brokerage fees can hungrily eat into your returns in a very subtle way. You probably won’t notice until it’s too late!

What I liked most

The email from the gentleman who was ready to leave his financial advisor (I won’t spoil it too much).

Click the image below for the full article, no doubt you will love it.


Since we’re on the topic of fees, remember to sign up to use FreeTrade, the £0 fee trading app launching later this year. Heres the link:

Freetrade | Free Share Trading


Side Hustle Summary – August 17

side hustle summary

I’m a side hustle-r. Ask about me.

I appreciate how late this post is but September has been a bit crazy with work (damn side hustles!).

Looking at my monthly income reports it’s clear that it is a slow grind. I’m fine with this as I am playing the long game, but to reach my financial goals as quickly as possible, a turbo boost is required.

That turbo boost is the side hustle…. Vrrrmmmmmm.

What is a side hustle?

Side hustles are incomes made other than the 9-5 and the passive income. Consider it the 3rd shard of the Triforce (Zelda fans make yourselves known).

side hustle

Why report it?

  1. Self-motivation
  2. Idea sharing with others
  3. Encourage others to start side-hustling
  4. Accountability

Self-explanatory enough for you? great! let’s get stuck in…

Side hustle income for August 2017



Casual catering job


Job Spotter App*


Google Rewards**


Cashback (Quidco & Halifax reward card)






(*Paid in Amazon vouchers, **Paid in Google Play store credit)

Weirdly, we’ll start with the roundest figure. £0 for flips, I want to develop this area and already have some items on the way to resell. If anyone is strong in this area, be sure to hit me up!

Now, £421.25 is pleasing. It means more money to invest and save and hopefully more money left at the end of the month.

The bulk of the side hustle income is from part-time work. I’ve been lucky enough to work my way up to management positions at various venues across London. I’m passionate about food & drink as well as customer service so it’s a pleasure to make decent money in this area.

The Job Spotter app is most rewarding. It literally takes a few seconds to complete a task and the pay off quickly adds up. I’m not mad that the pay comes in Amazon gift vouchers as I use Amazon more than I probably should.

I have previously written about Google Rewards and Quidco so check here if you missed it.

Do you have a good/bad side hustle experience? be bold and share it in the comments section 🙂

I’ll leave you with words of spurring from Gary Vee:

Leisure is what you give up, to have the audacity to build your life”.


Article Of The Week 3: MoneyGrower

Happy 3rd (week) anniversary of Article Of The Week, the feature dedicated to writers and bloggers better than myself.

Self deprecation aside, is an outstanding investment blog.

in this piece, Share Price Charts Can Be Misleading – GSK And The Power Of Dividends, we learn about the underrated power of reinvesting dividends and not worrying too much about share price growth.


What I liked most

“You can start to see how buying a couple hundred shares of GlaxoSmithKline and holding it to reinvest for a decade or so can give you a “wow” income stream a decade from now.”

In other words, keep reinvesting! that way, the dividends continuously look after you.

Click below for full article:

Share Price Charts Can Be Misleading – GSK And The Power Of Dividends

Article Of The Week 2: Dividend Daze

Week 2 of Article Of The Week. I hope everyone checked out the debut article, last week.

This week, Dividend Update – August 2017 by Dividend Daze.

No mystery here, I’m sure you’ve figured out what this article is about!

What I liked most

Dividend Daze beat his own record with 7 different companies paying him in August. Quite the achievement and the future should only get brighter.

There’s also some insightful graphs that help to make sense of the progression.


I love mixing it up with dividend investors on Twitter, they seem to have the most focus and a strong commitment to the long term.

Though, strictly speaking I wouldn’t class myself as a Dividend Investor, 25 of the 29 stocks I hold are dividend payers and I rely heavily on dividends for the majority of my passive income.

I hope you enjoy this article as much as me. Dividend Daze does these monthly so it’s a gift that keeps on giving (like dividends!).

Click the picture below for the full article

Article of the week: Dividend report

You can check my monthly income updates too here.


Wealth Building & Income Update – August 2017

August was a fun month for me, but let’s see how it was financially with this months Wealth Building & Income Update.

Last months passive income was £11.99. This month there is a small dip to £8.25 (Note to self: try to stay calm).










Property Partner




Total | Change




Apple alone provided the dividend for this month. Dividends income should improve for September through to November.

Income from Property Partner is growing steadily if we disregard the one-off promotional payments from last month.




Property Partner

Rate Setter































Fingers crossed, September brings an increase.

In terms of the overall portfolio, Crypto surged since last month and stock decreased slightly.

Portfolio Tracker – 1/9/17































Nothing too exciting. Just need to keep buying and keep reinvesting income. Roughly £360 was used to add to the portfolio in August, I’d be happy to keep this up but I’m sure life will get in the way of that!

Thanks for reading.


Free Business & Skills Events This September

Hello all,

There are quite a few events that I am either attending or planning to attend this month so I thought I would put them all in 1 place for everyone to see.

All events take place either online or in London.

Hope to see some of you where possible!

5th September
Seedrs Bitesize Pitches (Hurry it’s today!)

“Seedrs invites you to a fast-paced pitching event featuring ambitious businesses currently raising on Seedrs.”

Click here for more information and to register for event. You will also need to register with Seedrs by clicking here.

6th September
Property Partner – Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (online webinar)

An interactive session where you’ll learn more about why Purpose-Built Student Accommodation is amongst the most desirable asset classes.”

Click here for more information and to register for event.

13th September
Start Up Braga @ Seedrs HQ

“Startup Braga and Seedrs invite you to Startup Braga’s London roadshow event. Startup Braga has helped over 100 startups from Portugal to launch entrepreneurial projects across international markets in digital, health and nanotech.”

Click here for more information and to register for event.

14th September
Introducing Fishy Filements; Recycling Cornish Fishing Nets For 3D Printing (online webinar)

“In this interactive session Ian Falconer, Founder/CEO of Fishy Filaments Ltd will describe the company, its background and aims.”

Click here for more information and to register for event.

28th September

“Jobbio HIGHER is a careers event like no other. Connect with the UK’s leading tech companies, network with your peers, and get inspired by industry thought leaders.”

Click here for more information and  to register for event.


Know someone who might be interested in the above events? Please share this post with them!



Article Of The Week: Of Dollars And Data

As a potentially up and coming blogger, I like to look at those that are better than me.

This new feature will look at articles or posts that I’ve enjoyed from different blogs from the world of personal finance and investing.

This week, Falling Fast and Rising Slow by Of Dollars and Data.

A great article about how stock prices slump quickly and ascend sluggishly. Well worth reading!

Click the picture below for the article