Side Hustle Summary – December 17

The festive season was awfully hectic and I’m sure I set new records for the amount of food and drink I got through.

However, I still managed to hustle on the side to bring in extra income so I can make extra investments.

Let’s see if all those mince pies slowed the side hustle down.

Side Hustle Summary for December 17



Casual catering job


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**


Cashback (Quidco & Halifax reward card)








(*Paid in Amazon vouchers, **paid in Google Play store credit, ***Profit of sale only)

Grand total = £1,067.33

Yay – I broke the 1k mark!

It’s a warm feeling to reach this milestone in just a few months of starting these summaries. It feels even better that it was achieved in December, the month that’s meant to be for extra spending, not extra earning!

lets delve a little deeper to see how this was done:

Work, work, work

My part-time job as a catering manager at sporting event venues brang in most of the income in December. The casual nature of the contract means that I can work when I chose to work. If I don’t wish to work… then you already know what will happen.

It can swing both ways, If management decide that they don’t need me then they don’t have to offer me work. But I have built my reputation in this sector for over 10 years now so I am often called upon.

Another benefit of working on a casual contract is that I get holiday pay, instead of annual leave. Some of this holiday pay was cashed in for December which helped to boost my total for December.

My 1st sale!

Another milestone; I sold my Nintendo Classic Mini Super NES.

To be honest, I shouldn’t be bragging. As you can see I made  only £10 profit (bought for £70 and sold for £80).

As I found out extra stock was coming for Mini SNES’, I went for the quick sell to a friend.

Hopefully this is just the start of a long, prosperous side hustle.

side hustle

Elsewhere, I struggled to get anything from Task360 and I got waaay less than I normally get for the Job Spotter app. I’ll blame the cold weather and busy schedule for now.

Decembers result has me overly excited for the side hustle in 2018. I’m sure most months won’t be this successful but it’s definitely something to aim towards.

Please let me know of any easy side hustles I should be doing this year. All suggestions welcome!

Let me know how your side hustles went in 2017 either in the comment section below or on Twitter (@RichestManInLDN).

Until next time, happy hustling!

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  1. Nice! You’re keeping very motivated – every £10.00 from side hustling is like receiving another dividend payment. Pretty cool you sold it for more than you bought it for. Keep it up.

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