3 Micro Side Hustles To Try!

Update: following a great question from commenter, in10jaarfinancieelvrij(check out their blog), I have renamed this article to include the word “Micro”. This is because they offer a decent return for a small amount of time. For a good return (£50+ a month) it would require a lot more effort and spending, probably too much. I have a post on my side hustles for August coming soon so keep an eye out!

Money is everywhere and opportunities are endless. You already knew this though, right?

Today, lets have a look at 3 platforms that have been very kind to me.

Meet Quidco.

Quidco has been good to me year in, year out, as you can see.

Quidco is a cashback website in the main but also offers paid surveys. There are other sites (TopCashback is available in USA, unlike Quidco) that do the same thing as Quidco but I have stayed loyal for the sake of simplicity.

As veteran for over a decade, I know Quidco very well. Here are my top tips:

– Don’t be tempted to buy things you don’t need just to get cashback
– Always check Quidco first when making a purchase online (download the browser extension)
– Quidco is most effective with expensive buys like holidays or contracted  buys such as an internet provider.
– Keep your purchase confirmation emails organised in case you have to refer to them for a claim.
– Check out the in-store cashback features for cashback offline!
– There is a free option and a premium option (£5 per year), decide which is best for you.

Referral Link – http://www.quidco.com/user/149463/2467929/

Now, meet Job Spotter from Indeed.com

I’ve just started using this app this month and look what I’ve made already!

Its really simple, find a ‘Help Wanted’ poster advertised at the business location and upload a picture of the poster and the store front to the app.

Have a look at an example of my work from the Indeed website

Super blurry eh? I know. The point is though, Im being paid to help people find work. It feels great!

As great as it feels, there are two issues to consider. Firstly payment is made in Amazon vouchers and not cash. Second, I’m not sure how regular this income will be as I have already exhausted most of the shops near my work and home. Time will have to tell.

Finally, meet Google Opinion Rewards.

This app pays for doing surveys in Google play credit. Again, cash would be better but the surveys are short and I was able to download Rich Dads Cashflow board game for free. The surveys tend to be short so it doesn’t eat up too much time.

What do you make of these side hustles? have a side hustle I should be checking out? let me know!


2 Replies to “3 Micro Side Hustles To Try!”

    1. Hey thats a great question!

      I will break them down individually:
      -Quidco: thats takes up little time, I just have to follow the Quidco link to make my purchase. If the purchase does not track then more time is lost to appealing but this rarely happens for me.

      -Job Spotter: Theres a good chance your right here. I don’t see myself having much time to do this properly. I don’t think its a good idea to go out of my way to look for job posters in shops. However, if I do see one on my travels by chance, it only take 20 seconds to complete a submission (2 quick photos).

      -Google Rewards: Generally the surveys are super short, maybe two tick box questions. I’m guessing maybe 10 seconds per survey.

      I do take your point though – its important to not use up too much time chasing pennies.

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