Wealth Building & Income Update – January 2018

The first Wealth Building & Income Update of the new year!

I’m sure everyone had an amazingly productive January. The month seemed to go on forever so you had enough time to get things done!

Let’s see how much beautiful passive income came in the first month of the year.

Passive income for January







Property Partner


Rate Setter


Wise Alpha


Grand Total

£28.41 (£18.09)

Clearly, not a remarkable month, but every penny is important on the road to financial freedom. Also, each penny above is ALWAYS reinvested to create more passive income.

Dividends came in from National Grid (£3.87) and Disney (£2.59). In the same period last year, dividends received was £2.24. Progress is progress eh?

As ever, Property Partner and Rate Setter make their usual contributions to the cause. I’ve received more interest from the bank in January so £18.09 is the figure excluding interest on savings.

Recently, I’ve started investing with Assetz Capital but I struggle to make any sense of whats happening on my account so won’t even try to include the passive income from them yet.

assetz capital


I have no idea what’s going on. It doesn’t make a huge difference as there’s only a small amount invested on the platform. Hopefully, Assetz Capital make it easier to see how much interest comes in each month!

Portfolio tracker 

Portfolio Tracker



P2P Lending

Property Partner

Private equity


Wise Alpha


MoM increase

Asset purchases

Saved in month
















































































The crypto joy ride continues! I won’t sugarcoat things here, I’m getting annihilated on the crypto front. Gladly, I’m not panicking & still buying as I don’t think this will be the death of crypto. If I’m wrong the portfolio is strong enough to withstand the pain and the lessons learned will be priceless.

For stock purchases, January was eventful with 6 new buys and 1 reduced positioning. I will look at these in more detail in a separate post – make sure you’re back for that.

To wrap up, below is a pie chart showing the break down of the portfolio for January


Thanks for reading, let me know if January was a good income month for you in the comments ⬇


5 Replies to “Wealth Building & Income Update – January 2018”

  1. Re p2p have you looked at ablrate? I’ve got about 4k invested with them over a number of loans and earn around 12%. They’ve also just started to launch portfolio loans which will help the diversification Worth a look

    1. Thanks for stopping by with a new idea!

      Not heard of them before. A very attractive niche within the p2p market.

      I can’t see any open loans at the moment (maybe I need to login)? What’s the deal flow like?

      1. Slow but you can buy in easily in the secondary market at get a few invested. The new portfolio loans should make it easier to get diversified

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