Private Equity Opportunities I’m Looking At!

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There are 2 crowdfunding opportunities that have caught my eye that I want to shine a light on. These are Appetise on Crowdcube and Investly on Seedrs.



Appetise is an online takeaway marketplace which is trying to compete with the dominating force in the industry, Just-Eat.

It’s an interesting pitch. The company is owned by asset management firm, Bergen Asset Management & has been in operation since 2008 (so sadly no EIS).

There are a few key advantages that Appetise has over FTSE100 company, Just-Eat:

  • no fee for customers when ordering
  • smaller commission charge than Just-Eat for restaurants
  • no joining fee restaurants
  • hygiene ratings for all restaurants
  • loyalty point scheme for customer

As you can see, the main advantage of Appetise for restaurant partners and customers is that Appetise charges less than Just-Eat.

The plan is to set up a competitive presence in Birmingham & then spread across the country city by city. I’m also impressed by the strong management team they have in place.



Investly offers a marketplace for invoice financing. Companies awaiting payment via invoice can sell these invoices for quick cash. Investors (invoice financiers) enjoy an annualised average return above 10% & relatively quick returns. 

EIS is available for UK investors for this investment.

Heres what has me bullish on Investly:

  • operations in the UK & Estonia (diversified risk)
  • Impressive growth in 2017
  • strong advisory board
  • strategic partnerships with Telema e-invoicing platform & KredEx (owned by the Estonian government)
  • strong position to benefit from Open Banking
  • no fee charged to investors

Investment worthiness?

Both companies excite me. There’s great potential there but the risk is extremely high too.

I’ve decided to invest a small amount into Appetise. This business could really take off with the right marketing. Low capital expenditure will help the management team focus on increasing the customer base & restaurant partners.

Having said that, Appetise is a long way from its 500k target with 11 days left of the campaign so this could be for nothing! Hopefully, some big spenders come through last-minute.

I’m now a fan Investly, they have a service that could benefit me as an investor & potentially be of use to the company that I work for. Before I invest, I’ll need to find out more about the invoice financing sector as I am not too familiar.

Investly will be pitching at a Seedrs event I’m attending this week. I’ll have a chance to ask them any questions directly then!

Both online pitches will be below for you to check out. let me know your thoughts on these opportunities & remember this is not investment advise! Please check the site disclaimer.

Appetise investment pitch

Investly investment pitch



2 Replies to “Private Equity Opportunities I’m Looking At!”

  1. As you can see, the main advantage of Appetise for restaurant partners and customers is that Appetise charges less than Just-Eat.

    Does this mean Just-Eat could lower their margins for a few months and destroy Appetise? I am assuming Just-Eat is an established company with a reasonable bank balance. A price war might be beneficial to customers but would lead to demise of either one of the companies. Just my opinion 🙂

    1. Hey, Just Eat certainly could lower their margins for a few months to destroy Appetise. They have that sort of power in the market.

      But I think this is unlikely, Just Eat is valued over £5 billion & has bought out their main rival for £200 million. Appetise is valued at 2.5 million & has a long way to go to compete at scale. Just Eat would be better off trying to grow the market through increased marketing instead of reducing their income to destroy Appetise.

      Also, as an FTSE 100 company, cutting revenue could negatively impact Just Eats share price.

      More likely, in my opinion, is Appetise simply running out of money or Just Eat eventually buying Appetise. Whatever the case may be, I do accept the risk is extremely high here! I never go big on these Equity crowd fundings as the chances of a return are small.

      Thanks for stopping by, Dividend Geek!

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