The Ultimate Resource for Investors Bonkers for Buffett

That Buffett dude, completely overrated. Just a miserable self-obsessed scam artist. Said no human, ever.

I know of no person more popular among investors than Warren Buffet. Bitcoin folk have Satoshi Nakamoto I suppose but he refuses to show his face. In light of that, Here’s Warren Buffett’s face:

warren buffett

The purpose of this post is to celebrate the Warren Buffett Archive from CNBC.

For fellow Brits who are unfamiliar, CNBC is an American news channel with a lot of entertaining coverage on investing.

Here, Mad Money host, Jim Cramer shares his top tip for buying stocks: buy a stock when it hits its all-time high!

I did say it was good entertainment.

In any case, Buffett is regularly interviewed on CNBC and they have rewarded him (and us) with a huge archive of content.

It includes:

– 25 full Berkshire Hathaway annual meetings, going back to 1994, with a highlight reel for each year
– 130 hours of searchable video, synchronized to 2800 pages of transcripts
– 500 video clips covering scores of subjects
– CNBC interviews, a Buffett Timeline, and a Berkshire Portfolio Tracker

I’ve already spent a long time browsing through the videos, picking up gems along the way. Feel free to join me. Link below:


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