Money Music Monday: Wale – Ambition feat. Meek Mill & Rick Ross

Happy Monday!

So, I’ve not posted a Money Music Monday piece for a while. Mainly because I don’t want people to think this is music blog instead of a money blog.

I’ll still be hitting you with Money Music Monday posts, just less often so I can focus more sharply on investing and personal finance.

With that said…


Ambition is defined as a strong desire or do or achieve something.

It cannot be bought or taken away. Individually, we have an endless supply.

If ambition can be matched by action then surely the most amazing things can happen. However, ambition without action can turn into endless dreams.

Here are some of my ambitions

1.  Have an amazing blog
2. Finish 10 books this year
3. Have a 500k portfolio by 2028

I may not accomplish these (especially the first on the list haha), but I will do my best to bring these ambitions to life!

On this song, I can really feel the ambition. Songs like these help me to push harder towards my goals.

What are your ambitions (big or small)? What songs inspire you to get closer to achieve those ambitions?


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