Patient Portfolio Update – August 18

Generally, August comes after July. So here we are, the Patient Portfolio Update for August.

The Patient Portfolio Update details how I build wealth, without trying to rush things along.

As ever, let’s begin by taking a look at that adorable passive income!

Passive income





Property Partner


Rate Setter


Wise Alpha


Grand Total


This compares favourably to last years result of £8.25. In just 1 year income has more than trebled, that’s the power of regular buying and reinvesting income.

Dividends came in from Apple (£2.92) and National Grid (£7.61). As I’ve switched over from individual stocks to index investing, there won’t be substantial growth in income from such companies, unfortunately.

To counter that, I’ll be buying Vanguards FTSE 100 ETF (VUKE). It has a respectable dividend of 3.91% paid quarterly.

Portfolio Pie

portfolio pie

A new (yet small) addition to the pie; Gold!

Using the Glint pay app,  gold can be bought at a fee of just 0.5%. It’s held remotely so gold reserves can be bought or sold instantly. Glint pay recently had a successful crowd-raise on Crowdcube where they raised over £2m (I invested).

Now, I’m not a big fan of gold (unproductive asset alert!), but I am a fan of diversification. I want to slowly build a holding of 2 or 3% in gold.

Yes, I’m aware that Warren Buffett wouldn’t be impressed. However, Ray Dalio would approve. Realistically, adding gold to the Patient Portfolio will have little overall impact, but I hope it will shine brightly when global stocks face dark days.

£22,414.72 (up 0.58% on last month!) is the closing figure for August.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you & your portfolio had a great month.

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  1. Thanks for the update. Gold or silver also has some appeal to me as well. Never investigated it though for actual buying purposes.

    Interesting that you made a switch to index. Good luck to you on this different path!

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