Patient Portfolio Update – July 18

Patience is the virtue which brings us closer to all other virtues. Patience can also bring us closer to great wealth if we have enough of it.

The Patient Portfolio Update details how I build wealth without trying to rush things along.

As ever, let’s being by taking a look at that heart-tingling passive income!

Passive Income







Property Partner


Rate Setter


Grand Total


Dividends came in from GSK (£2.85) & Disney (£2.71). Last years total for July was £2.09 from just Disney. In fact, overall, last July saw passive income of £11.99. It’s encouraging to see such a hearty growth in just a year, really makes me wonder what the total will be next July!?

This month saw the 1st dividends come in from the Vanguard account, humble beginnings are better than non-starters, right? The ETF’s that paid out were VUKE and VUSA. VUKE tracks the FTSE 100 whilst VUSA tracks the S&P 500.

Portfolio Pie

Portfolio Pie

Sweet, sweet, Portfolio Pie! Uninterestingly, the percentages have barely moved from last month but the new figure is £22,285.70. The targeted figure of 500k is every so slightly closer.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you & your portfolio had a great month.

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