Patient Portfolio Update – October 2018

Without patience, passive income growth is pointless.

The Patient Portfolio Update details how I build wealth, without trying to rush things along.

As ever, let’s take a look at that invigorating passive income!

Passive income



Dividend Stocks


Vanguard dividends


Property Partner


Rate Setter


Grand Total


Dividends came in from RIT Capital Partners (£2.97), GlaxoSmithKline (£2.85) and my beloved Diageo (£8.48). The latter has made news recently by selling off many lower value brands to focus on the premium sector and tourism in Scotland (home of Scotch Whisky). This should hopefully strengthen the overall bottom line of the business in the long-term.

VUKE & VUSE (FTSE 100 ETF and S&P500 ETF ) paid out on Vanguard. Annoyingly for passive income growth, most of my capital on Vanguard is in index funds that don’t pay income. Which hurts passive income but has a positive effect on the Patient Portfolio.

Accelerated contributions to Rate Setter is paying off as interest payments have more than doubled since last month!

In relation to last October, passive income increased by £12.67 (£18.22 to £30.89). It’s a positive jump but I’m more interested in where the figure will jump to in 5 years or so. Time will tell.

Portfolio Pie

patient portfolio

Pie value at the end of October: £21,815.16

Portfolio Progress

Previously, I would share a deeply detailed table breaking down The Patient Portfolio for all months.

This, clearly, was TMI (too much information) so I’ve put together a concise table showing the progress from 12 months ago and 1 month ago.

this should offer a rough & broad idea of how things are progressing.


Value of portfolio

Value of assets purchased

Saved in month













What a difference a year makes, eh! Equally, the effects of the correction at the start of October are clear to see.

That’s all for this month. I hope you & your portfolio both had a gainful month!

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