Patient Portfolio Update – September 2018

It’s a long road to big money.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. -Napoleon Hill

Milestones are exciting to aim for but more exciting to pass.

This month I passed £100 of passive income for the very first time!

The Patient Portfolio Update details how I build wealth, without trying to rush things along.

As ever, let’s begin by taking a look at that hair-raising passive income!

Passive Income





Property Partner


Rate Setter


Grand Total


This is no ordinary month. My passive income has reached 3 figures and everyone agrees that it’s a super big deal.

11 different companies were nice enough to share their profits with me. They can all be seen below

patient portfolio

BT, BP & Lloyd’s were all reinvested which means more shares earning for the next round of payments.

In the long-term,  the prices of BT & Lloyd’s (hopefully) should recover to the point where I can happily average down my positions in them both, respectively.

I have a lot of love for WWE right now, I bought the shares in January and they have grown by 161%! I’m more than happy to call this luck, I just hope that it continues.

Recording the measly £1.58 earned from Rate Setter may seem rather pathetic but I take another view; without that £1.58, the £100 milestone would not have been breached & who knows how long it would have been before getting to that level again.

It really is a game of marginal gains.

Portfolio Pie

portfolio pie

The portfolio pie is slightly smaller this month at £22,307.71 (0.5% down on last month). £213 was spent on assets and £325 was added to savings.

The main focus now is to drive the growth of the Vanguard holdings. My most favouritist fund is the LifeStrategy 80% equities, this fund defends itself with 20% bonds and is sensibly diversified internationally.

Emerging market & FTSE 100 funds are currently attractive to me as they aren’t so popular. I’m picking up small amounts of both each month (EM for growth & FTSE 100 for income).

That’s all for this month. I hope you & your portfolio both had a gainful month!

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