Side Hustle Summary – May 18

It’s now July so that can only mean 1 thing, time for the (late) Side Hustle Summary for May!

This is where I detail all the extra income made in the month, aside from investing & working the 9-5.

Let’s have ourselves a look at where the cash flowed in from.

Side Hustle Summary – May 18



Side job


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**



Cashback (Halifax)


Amazon promo credit*


eBay sales




(*Paid in Amazon credit, **paid in Google Play store credit, ***paid in Bitcoin)

Clearly, not the strongest month that I’ve ever had. However, this is £309.20 that I would not have earned otherwise. So, of course, I’m grateful.

I continued to make some easy BTC from which is fantastic news as things aren’t going too well for Bitcoin & crypto in general right now.

eBay Sales

£2.75 was made on eBay but it’s a lot less than I expected. Sadly.

I managed to pick up 10 Blu-ray DVD’s for £10. My thinking was that I could make a tidy little profit of £20 by auctioning them to the movie-hungry horde.

I set up listings for 3 of the better movies to shift on eBay. They all sold, just not at a tidy price, if you know what I mean.

side hustle summary

After calculating fees etc. the profit didn’t even reach £1 per disc. Further sales have been put on hold, indefinitely. £20 profit is not happening any time soon.

When I bought the Blu-rays, I was told that I was wasting my time by doubters. Seems like there were right, but I had to find out for myself. It was a useful exercise which showed that my path to wealth probably won’t come about by selling movies on eBay.


An insightful month. Clearly, there has to be more thoughtfulness with my side hustling.No regrets, though! I still brought in good income elsewhere.

I hope May (& June) went well with your side hustles. If you have any eBay tips, please share them immediately!


Patient Portfolio Update – May 2018

patient portfolio

May is done and dusted which means it’s time to have a look at the Patient Portfolio (previously The Wealth Building & Income Update).

Let’s see that fantastic passive income:

Passive income







Property Partner


Rate Setter


Wise Alpha


Grand Total



Dividends came in from Apple (£2.75) & Lloyd’s Bank (£30.18). This was slightly less than last year, which included a special dividend payment from Lloyd’s bank.

By automatically reinvesting dividends in May, I was able to pick up 46 extra shares of Lloyd’s bank which takes the total to 1518. I’m convinced that this stock reaches £1 per share… eventually.

Property Partner

Property Partner is a platform I’ve written about and endorsed before. It brings deep sorrow to have to write of its decline. To be brief, the platform has lost its appeal for the following reasons:

  • Increased minimum buy from £50 to £250
  • Announced the discontinuation of the auto-invest feature which allowed you to side-step the above minimum whilst ensuring 5% interest on unallocated funds!
  •  Suspended dividends on 3 properties (1 due to an unforeseen rise in costs & the other 2 because they want to sell the properties & realise a capital gain)

These issues make it impossible to regularly contribute to the platform. However, I can still reinvest the income earned on the platform.

It’s always disappointing when a platform makes changes and is no longer as attractive as before. On the flip side though, this means I have more funds available to add to my Vanguard account!

The Patient Portfolio

patient portfolio

As shown, there was steady growth between the end of April & the end of May.  A notable buy is £90 (EIS eligible) spent on shares in Freetrade (I wrote about the Freetrade app here).  The Freetrade funding campaign was able to raise 500k in just 12 minutes! Insane.

Equally notable, is that I’ve opened an Innovative Finance ISA with Rate Setter which will mean even more of my portfolio free from taxation! In case you’re not familiar with Rate Setter, It’s a p2p lending platform which offers great diversification away from stocks etc.

Portfolio Pie

Heres your serving of delicious Portfolio Pie:

patient portfolio

I’m enjoying the diversification but the allocations could be better, right?

That wraps up another month, I hope your portfolio smashed it in May. Thanks for stopping by!



The Ultimate Resource for Investors Bonkers for Buffett

warren buffett

That Buffett dude, completely overrated. Just a miserable self-obsessed scam artist. Said no human, ever.

I know of no person more popular among investors than Warren Buffet. Bitcoin folk have Satoshi Nakamoto I suppose but he refuses to show his face. In light of that, Here’s Warren Buffett’s face:

warren buffett

The purpose of this post is to celebrate the Warren Buffett Archive from CNBC. Continue reading “The Ultimate Resource for Investors Bonkers for Buffett”

Side Hustle Summary – April 18

side hustle summary

Later than expected, here is The Side Hustle Summary for April!

This is where I detail all the extra income made in the month aside from investing & working the 9-5.

What can I say about the delay? Simply, poor time management 🙁

April brought a few intriguing income sources. Let’s delve deeper:

Side Hustle Summary – April 18



Side job


Amazon promo credit


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**





(*Paid in Amazon credit, **paid in Google Play store credit, ***paid in Bitcoin) Continue reading “Side Hustle Summary – April 18”

Money Music Monday: Wale – Ambition feat. Meek Mill & Rick Ross

money music monday

Happy Monday!

So, I’ve not posted a Money Music Monday piece for a while. Mainly because I don’t want people to think this is music blog instead of a money blog.

I’ll still be hitting you with Money Music Monday posts, just less often so I can focus more sharply on investing and personal finance.

With that said…


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Patient Portfolio Update – April 2018

patient portfolio

Welcome to another insightful edition of the  Patient Portfolio Update (previously the Wealth Building & Income Update). If you saw the post on my buys in April, you’ll know that I’ve joined Team Index.

“A low-cost fund is the most sensible equity investment for the great majority of investors. My mentor, Ben Graham, took this position many years ago, and everything I have seen since convinces me of its truth.” (Warren Buffett to John Bogle, from The Little Book of Common Sense Investing)

Does this mean all the different and exciting components of the Patient Portfolio are now a thing of the past? Continue reading “Patient Portfolio Update – April 2018”