Arsenal Fan TV Is Proof It Pays To Follow Your Passion

With the new football season approaching what better time to look at the beautiful game in a ‘woke not broke’ way.

A lot is said about Arsenal Fan TV. A lot of funny memes and edited videos are shared too. As an Arsenal fan, this can be a pain.

But let’s really look at Arsenal Fan TV, the fan channel that transformed into the ultimate passion business.

First, number crunching. 852k likes and follows on Facebook, 188k followers on Twitter, 350k on IG, 484k followers on YouTube and many videos with 1m+ views. Rock solid numbers, right?

Before founding AFTV, friendly banter expert Robbie Lyle was just a dude who wanted to give the fans a voice to be heard.

This quote sums it up

“When we started off we borrowed a camera, borrowed microphones, borrowed everything – our original camera wasn’t even digital, it was a tape camera.

I’d never filmed a video, I didn’t know how to upload a video to YouTube, I didn’t know anything.

I’m a lifelong Arsenal fan and I used to find that the fans never had a voice – there was never really a platform or a place that fans could have their say.”

This is a passion business through and through. It started as a hobby then became a respected platform and is now effectively a growing start-up!

Ryan Holiday does a great job talking up the importance of building a platform in an article available somewhere on the internet.

I can think of at least 4 income streams for AFTV: AdSense on YouTube, Brand partnership/sponsorship, affiliate marketing/referrals programs and an online shop.

He used to pay thousands to follow his team. Now pursuing his passion pays for itself and has allowed him to quit his day job. Hat’s off.

Football media in the UK has been disrupted and it’s great for fans and future disruptors.

AFTV wonderfully supplies the route to follow for budding entrepreneur types. Follow your passions, identify a space in the market, execute for free until you can get paid for it.

Not bold enough for entrepreneurship? Don’t be embarrassed. Follow your passions, research relevant successful businesses with potential for long term returns and execute purchases in suitable businesses.

Know of an example of a passion business doing well? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter so I can check them out.


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