Score The Goals With A Side Job

Football has got me excited! Who is going to win the league this season?

Earlier this week, I wrote about the success of Arsenal Fan TV. To continue the trend, let’s look at some of the side jobs available around the sport of Football.

Side jobs are an easy way to add to your wealth and use your time more productively. If you’re like me, then your idle time often leads to unnecessary spending to side-step boredom. Time is a hyper-important asset, nothing wrong with using it to get paid.

The new football season isn’t the only reason to look at side jobs in football, The casual nature of the work which allows great flexibility around other obligations. Thirdly, this is an area I have been working in for 10+ years now so I should know something or two.

Take a look at all these jobs

Hold on, what is a Divitor!?

Anyway, as you can see there are so many different side jobs that football stadiums offer (bear in mind this is just an example from 1 club).

Obviously, you’ll want to pick a side job that interests you. But for me, the top two choices are clear; stewarding or catering. Stewarding can develop your discipline, communication and pressure handling while catering can develop your customer service, food safety awareness and problem-solving capabilities.

If you want more information on how to get involved then I’m happy to help. Either email me ( or message me on Twitter.

Moving forward, I will start a monthly Side Hustle Report where I share all the income I bring in away from investments and the 9 to 5. Stay tuned for that.

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