Side Hustle Summary – April 18

Later than expected, here is The Side Hustle Summary for April!

This is where I detail all the extra income made in the month aside from investing & working the 9-5.

What can I say about the delay? Simply, poor time management ūüôĀ

April brought a few intriguing income¬†sources. Let’s delve deeper:

Side Hustle Summary – April 18



Side job


Amazon promo credit


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**





(*Paid in Amazon credit, **paid in Google Play store credit, ***paid in Bitcoin)

Firstly, we have A company recently bought by the crypto monster-company, Coinbase.

side hustle summary works by monetizing responses & quick tasks.

Payment comes in the form of Bitcoin but is valued in USD. As I am not a major influencer (yet), most of the tasks I receive are for $1. The plus side is it will only take 1 minute of time per task on average. is the best entry into Bitcoin I’ve seen as it costs nothing. There is a small network to pay to transfer the Bitcoin to your wallet & and a minimum cash out which is $5 as far as I can remember.

You will need a Bitcoin wallet to receive the free Bitcoin. I recommend Coinbase. You can sign up to Coinbase here. Although, if you look online I’m sure you can find a¬† Bitcoin wallet that doesn’t require verification.

Promo Credit

There was a BUCKET of promo credit bouncing about in April. I was able to add £20 (£10 x2) to Google Rewards just through Google Pay referrals. Super easy money.

Amazon was equally generous with the treats. I took great advantage of their no rush delivery promo credit (£4) which will mostly be used for Kindle books.

side hustle summary

Additionally, Amazon also treated me to healthy rewards for installing the Amazon Assistant plugin (£5) and for buying Amazon gift cards (£6).

Feels like candy has been taken from babies.


All in all a strong month. It’s good to know that even if I lost my¬†9-5 that I could still just about keep the lights on, just about.

Also great to add new income sources, even if they aren’t in pound sterling.

I hope April was fruitful for you. How do you bring in extra income aside from your main job?


Post has affiliate¬†& referral links. as if you didn’t know.

6 Replies to “Side Hustle Summary – April 18”

  1. It seems like we have a lot in common. We pretty much use the same type of platforms seedrs, crowdcube, halifax sharedealing, coinbase, property partner and invest in the same sort of thing like wisealpha, freetrade, cryptos, ETFs etc. I’m in London too also aiming for FIRE. I’m always keen to chat investing when most of my friends aren’t so get in touch! I’m on twitter already following you @Malc0001.

  2. Never heard of Earn, awesome that you get paid in bitcoin! Can you explain what kind of tasks were talking about? Do you have a referral mail or something?

    1. So far it’s been such easy money!

      A typical task is as follows (usually from a crypto company):
      1. clicking link to join project telegram group (don’t actually have to join)
      2. clicking link to follow project on twitter (don’t actually have to follow)
      3. joining email list

      Very quick and easy ūüôā

      I recommend checking it out, I get 3 to 5 tasks a month but it can change depending on your skills and expertise.

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