Side Hustle Summary – July 18

Welcome back all, thanks for sticking with me!

It will best to keep this entry short and painful.

This is where I detail all the extra income made in the month, aside from investing & working the 9-5.

Side Hustle Summary



Jop Spotter


Google rewards*



Cashback (Halifax Reward Account)


Amazon promo credit***




(*paid in Google Play store credit, **paid in Bitcoin, ***paid in Amazon credit)

Yikes! pretty pitiful in all honesty. That’s because there was no work available in my side jobs through the whole month. This is the first time where I made less than even £300.

On the bright side, it was nice to get in some extra rest!

As you can surely tell, I went crazy with the Job Spotter app. You’ll probably be glad to know that all of that money went on buying books.

Of the £3.09 cashback gained. £3 came from the Halifax Reward Account bonus. This used to appear in the Patient Portfolio Update but it makes a lot more sense here as it is not investment income.

Truly a month to forget, only one direction to go from here!

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, happy hustling!

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