Side Hustle Summary – March 18


This is the Side Hustle Summary where I detail all the extra income I’m making aside from investing & working the 9-5.

This month is a special one for me as I’ve managed to achieve one of my financial goals for the year. Let’s take a look.

Side Hustle Summary – March 18



Side job


eBay sales


Job Spotter App*


Google rewards**


Cashback (Quidco & Halifax reward card)




(*Paid in Amazon vouchers, **paid in Google Play store credit)

My goal was to make £100 in profit from sales and flips. I sold old video games and Amiibo on eBay and brought in over £130 (£123.78 after fees). As these were rotting away in a cupboard, I consider this pure profit. Unlike buying an item purely to then resell (flipping).

side hustle summary

I’ve always hated the process of eBay selling (mostly laziness, I suppose). By incorporating it into the Side Hustle Summary, it has become more purposeful. So naturally, I was able to enjoy it a bit more.

Since starting The Side Hustle Summary back in August, the running total now stands at £6,085.48! Goes to show that it really does add up with time.

The best part is there are still so many more ways to back money!

Are there any worthwhile alternatives to eBay that you’ve used (let me know below!)? I’ve heard Facebook Marketplace is really picking up.

Until next time… Happy Hustling!

side hustle summary


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