Side Hustle Summary – October 2018

Another month is in the bag & here we are again with another Side Hustle Summary!

This is where I detail all the extra income made in the month, aside from investing & working the 9-5.

I’m grateful for October – it brought the highest amount of side hustle income since April!

Let’s see how…

Side Hustle Summary



Side job


Job Spotter app


Cashback (Halifax reward account & Property Partner)


Google rewards app**


Amazon credit




So I got my very first referral on Property Partner (click here to be my second!) and it was a whopping £30. Receiving this felt great as there was no risk and no effort. I see why hardcore referral marketers go so hard at what they do!

The other £2 was from the Halifax reward. As long as I stay in credit, pay in £750 & have 2 active direct debits they will credit my account £2. it used to be £5 per month then £3 per month. By next year it will likely be £0.50.

Thanks for stopping by, until next time, happy hustling!


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